Double Minecraft 1.12.1 temple village combos

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Double Minecraft 1.12.1 temple village combos.jpg

Here's a really awesome Minecraft 1.12.1 village seed to play around with. This 1.12.1 seed for Minecraft starts players between two different villages. The best part about this Minecraft village seed is that both of the two villages have a desert temple built into them.

The seed is: -3661327540206102535

The first of the two Minecraft 1.12.1 villages can be found at X195 Z180. This one is an oddball because it's a savana village in a desert environment. It doesn't really make very much sense.

The second of the two 1.12.1 villages can be found at X-275 Z110. The second village is actually a plains village on the edge of the desert.

There's a saddle in the blacksmith for the first village for anyone wanting to tame horses. The villages are relatively far apart, but easily within walking distance. This would be a fun Minecraft 1.12.1 seed to build a mine cart track between the villages for fast travel.