Deep forest mushroom village seed 1.7.10 spawn at grass desert savanna split

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Minecraft village seed by roofed forest and savanna mountain weird village strange fun cool interesting.jpg

Deep forest village seed with extreme hills nearby

This is a village seed tested on Minecraft 1.7.10 and probably works for later versions too. The spawn is right at the tri-split between a desert, a grasslands, and a savanna. There's a village nearby and on the way to it are extreme hills too.

This is one of the extremely diverse Minecraft seeds. There are so many neat things to see on this village the title can't say enough. The village is kind of small, but it's skewed up against a hill in a deep forest mushroom biome. There's a hole in the ground right by the village with resources in it. This village is honestly creepy, which makes it exciting. It's even a Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed.

Seed: 2354472788974084399

The coordinates of the village are x -333 z -315 and there should be an extreme hills biome along the way, unless later versions changed the seed.