Deep Forest Minecraft village seed 1.8.2 with easy spider spawner

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Minecraft roofed forest seed with village, spawners, and cave system.jpg

Spider spawner village seed

On this super awesome village seed 1.8.2 there's a village at the spawn which is surrounded by deep forest on all sides except one. The last side is a lake or ocean.

This awesome Minecraft seed 1.8.2 has a built in port! There are plenty of mushrooms in the forests all around in order to survive on food. There's a spider spawner right by the village which is perfect for getting a fishing rod for that natural Minecraft port.

Seed: 2447840193895743095

This is an awesome Minecraft fishing seed 1.8.2 with everything to have a quaint fishing life. There are mushrooms as a backup and there's plenty more to explore outside the bounds of this cool 1.8.2 Minecraft seed. Be careful about the forest, zombies and monsters can come running out while on fire during the day. This Minecraft seed is quaint and nice, but also dangerous. This is a spooky Minecraft seed 1.8.2 to play on.

Just in case, the village coordinates are x275 by z250 and the underground spider spawner can be found at x260 by z250. Have fun hunting spiders on this epic Minecraft 1.8.2 village seed.