Cool Minecraft seed 1.8.8 village with buried blacksmith and awesome caves

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Cool Minecraft 1.8.8 seed with awesome village and buried blacksmith.jpg

This is another cool Minecraft seed 1.8.8 with a really awesome village. This Minecraft 1.8.8 village seed has a blacksmith that's almost buried, and a dangerous pitfall on the backside. There are plenty of other scary caves all around this awesome 1.8.8 Minecraft seed.

Seed: -8282822158720135842

This is a really big village seed. There are plenty of houses to occupy, and a few that offer a scenic view of the ocean. This is fantastic starter seed for any player who's up to the adventure of fending of monsters, patching up dangerous pitfalls, rebuilding the city, or whatever other adventures come to mind.

This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for sure. This place is a fun place to renovate, innovate, build, create, destroy, and more. It's a great village seed for 1.8.8 and plenty of other PC versions. Be sure to look around the site for even more cool Minecraft seeds.