Cool Minecraft savanna village seed for 1.8.1

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Minecraft savanna village seed with plains, rivers, ponds, and more.jpg

This is a cool little Minecraft Savanna Village that's been tested with 1.8.1 and works. There's a blacksmith in the village and he has a saddle in the storage chest. This Minecraft village is also really large. Overall this is one of the better Minecraft seeds for savanna villages.

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Seed: 2138374464889032671

The village can be found at: x336 z327 which is fairly close to the spawn. There's also a giant crater right next to the village! There are some village rivers nearby for water if the well isn't good enough. Lastly there's a savanna mountain by the village in this seed for Minecraft.

The farms are plentiful, the village is beautiful, all around this is a great Minecraft seed for any version 1.7+