Cool 1.8.7 Minecraft seed with big village and caves

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Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed with tall blacksmith, forest, mountains, caves, plains, grasslands, and more.jpg

Here's another great Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed to try out. This one starts players directly next to the giant village seed above. There's an iron sword in the blacksmith, as well as a few other minor items.

The seed is: 2823504441536202647

Players can find some pretty cool natural caves right next to the village. To one side of the village there's actually a pretty big mountain with a few more hills nearby to explore. There's also a big swampy lake right next to the village. This lake is here because of the giant mushroom forest which is a small biome section next to the village in this particular Minecraft seed.

This is a cool 1.8.7 Minecraft seed for anyone starting out. On survival mode this is one of the easiest maps to survive on. Players can find all sorts of food and resources nearby on their laid back adventure. Be sure to check out all the other cool Minecraft seeds.