Best 1.8.8 Minecraft village seed - awesome mountainside village

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Beautiful Minecraft village seed with awesome village layout.jpg

Out of all the 1.8.8 Minecraft village seeds, this is probably the best one. This beautiful seed has a great view, with a mountain on the backside. There are flower forests in view of the village, mixed into the forests. There's a small creek running right past this amazing village seed.

The seed is: -687030382380779600

The layout of this crazy 1.8.8 village is really neat. The village gets higher at certain points. It looks like the blacksmith is the baron of the village with his super rich home on the hill. This tyrannical blacksmith could be watching out onto the city he owns with all the money he makes as a blacksmith. Or maybe it's just a coincidence.

There's exposed coal right next to the village, up on the cliff face. There's also plenty of taiga nearby to explore. The flower forests lead out to desert, where players can find even more villages hidden in the sand. This is a really cool village seed with a big village and big dreams. There are many things players can do to thrive in such a quaint and hopeful 1.8.8 Minecraft seed.