Basic Minecraft survival island seed 1.9 with a few trees and small amount of land

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Minecraft survival island seed 1.9 with a few trees.jpg

This is one of the most basic Minecraft seeds 1.9 for survival islands. The island only has a little over 10 trees and not very much land to use. There's a very small amount of grass, so wheat farms are limited. This is a tedious survival island seed to survive on, which is exactly what some people are looking for.

The seed is: -1836197043139666752

This is a great Minecraft seed for survival mode, and a very difficult Minecraft seed for hardcore mode. Apples and wheat are the only way to survive on this Minecraft island seed. After some work, players could potentially kill spiders for their string and make a fishing rod. If that feat can be accomplished then survival on this island should be much easier. Definitely one of the more difficult Minecraft island seeds.