1.9 Minecraft village seed in a fissure by swampland

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Minecraft 1.9 fissure village seed with horses and swampland.jpg

This is another rare and amazing Minecraft 1.9 village seed. On this Minecraft 1.9 seed players start by a huge 1.9 village seed that has a massive fissure ripping right through the village! This is actually one of the best Minecraft seeds.

The seed is: -5599655086621954440

The village is right at the spawn point, so it's no coordinates are needed. The village unfortunately does not have a blacksmith, but I'm sure plenty of resources and more can be found in the fissure. There's also a swampland right across the river to explore. There's supposed to be a 1.9 witches hut over there, and plenty of those common blue swamp flowers to collect. Mushrooms are also fairly common in a swampland, so that's another thing to look out for. This is another awesome Minecraft seed.