1.8.7 Minecraft seed with neat village by the sea

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Minecraft village seed 1.8.7 butcher blacksmith taiga moutnains village by ocean.jpg

Here's another great 1.8.7 village seed to try out. Players start almost in view of the quaint little village.

The seed is: 857322319422383296

Right at the start players can find a cave with a bunch of animals hanging around it. Even without the village, this start would be really cool. This is a really fun 1.8.7 Minecraft seed. Players also have a big ocean to explore, there might even be some Ocean monuments out there.

The village is pretty giant in this Minecraft seed. There's also a cool mountain biome as a backdrop. The only thing separating the village and the mountains is a tiny river running between the too. There's also a blacksmith and a butcher in this village. The blacksmith unfortunately only has apples and an iron chestplate. It's a pretty fun Minecraft village seed.